The Synoptic Gospel - One Complete Gospel United from Four!

The Synoptic Gospel - Cover

By aligning and merging the parallel sections of the four Gospels of the New Testament on a word-for-word basis the duplication is removed, and the result is a single, complete story, that is 22% shorter to read,
and much easier to understand.
With all of the saying and events arranged according to a consistent chronological timeline, now you can see not only what happened, but also when and where it occurred.
This Gospel is told in 360 Scenes of Action - Read one Scene a Day,
and know the full Story of The Life of Jesus in a year!

To see how The Synoptic Gospel was compiled from the texts of the Four Gospels, visit the FIVE COLUMN page.

Audiobook now available on CD!  Hear the entire Gospel Story in less than seven hours!  audio mp3 logo

Video Introduction: What Is The SYNOPTIC GOSPEL?


Overview of The Gospels Series - Part 1



A Nine Part Series that examines 
the formation and the history of the
four Gospels of the New Testament.

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