One Complete Gospel United from Four!

The text of The Synoptic Gospel is reprinted from the Four Gospel HarmonyFIVE COLUMN: The Synoptic Gospel, which contains the four Gospels in four columns, next to a fifth column of the unified merger of their individual words.

By aligning the parallel sections of verses from each of the Four Gospel accounts of the NASB New Testament, on a word-for-word basis, the duplication of the overlapping wording is removed, and the result is a single, complete story that is 22% shorter to read, and much easier to understand.

With all of the sayings and events from the Life and Ministry of Jesus Christ arranged according to a consistent chronological timeline, now you can see not only what happened, but also when and where it occurred; and you can even follow the action on the maps of Israel or Jerusalem that begin each Chapter.

See how The Synoptic Gospel was compiled from the texts of Four individual Gospel Accounts on the FIVE COLUMN page.


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Video Introduction: What Is The SYNOPTIC GOSPEL?

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