One Complete Gospel United From Four!

The text of The Synoptic Gospel aligns the parallel verses from the Four Gospel accounts on a word-for-word basis, using the FIVE COLUMN Four Gospel Harmony and Merger. The result is:

* 22% shorter to read
* all of the Gospel events in chronological order
* dates and locations provided for each scene
* includes maps of Israel and Jerusalem

This Gospel is told in 360 Scenes of Action – Read one Scene a Day to know the full Gospel Story in a year!

Listen to the Audiobook and hear the entire Gospel Story in less than seven hours!

The Red Letter Gospel Edition of this work shows all of The Words of Jesus Christ in bright red letters.

Learn about the FIVE COLUMN Four Gospel Harmony here  or  Watch the FIVE COLUMN Video.

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Video Introduction: What Is The SYNOPTIC GOSPEL?

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A Complete Four Gospel Harmony

FIVE COLUMN - The ultimate Four Gospel Harmony,
along with a complete word-for-word merger of the four Gospel texts,
known as The Synoptic Gospel.

The fifth column unified merger is reprinted as The Synoptic Gospel.

Read The Synoptic Gospel to know the full story of The Life of Jesus,
and use FIVE COLUMN to know how that story was unified.

All the Words of Jesus Christ in Red!

The Red Letter Gospel

All the Gospel Words that Jesus Christ spoke, in full context, and highlighted in bright Red font!

This book is 48% red text!
View the Blog Post: How Many Word of Jesus Christ are Red?

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"I really like this!  The text is clear, and in modern English.  Professionally done. There is no confusion about what was said, or when or where anything happened.  I wish that we had this in seminary.

"I love this version of the 4 gospels harmonized into one single book. Nothing is missing--what an incredible testament and dedication of work you have done for the gospels. This is excellent for people to use for church plays and story telling for children too!

"I have read through The Synoptic Gospel three (3) times and have as my goal to read through it three (3) more times by the end of the year. I have nothing but praise for the work product you have completed... for the scholarship of the project, I thank you.