Book Bundles – Save 15%!

New Book Bundles give you all of the electronic files of The Synoptic Gospel along with a printed copy of the book!

Although a DVD is old technology, it is still a great way to store and transport large amounts of data - which is required for The Synoptic Gospel Audiobook (400 mb), along with the PDF and ePub files, and bonus videos (8 videos - 3 gigabytes).

There are 3 different DVD Collections for The Synoptic Gospel, The Red Letter Gospel and FIVE COLUMN. To view the DVD Collections click here.

In total there are 10 Book Bundles, each combining a different DVD Collection with the Standard and the Complete Paperback editions, and also with the Complete Hard Cover edition.

Buy a Book Bundle and Save 15% off the total price of the printed book and its DVD Collection.

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