Notes and Articles

Included here are links to all of the Articles about why the FIVE COLUMN Four Gospel Harmony and Word-For-Word Merger was constructed, and the Notes that detail how it was aligned and compiled, and the advanced features of The Synoptic Gospel.

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Foreword to FIVE COLUMN and The Synoptic Gospel

Introduction to The Synoptic Gospel

Note 1

How This Book Was Compiled- The 16 Step Merging Process

Note 2

Dividing The Gospel Storyline
2.1 - Storyline Divisions- Chapters, Acts and Scenes
2.2 - Split Verses
2.3 - TSG Verse Reference System- Synoptic Gospel Scene and Verse References

Note 3

Dates Listed In This Book

Note 4

Other Notes- Locations, Maps and Scripture References

Note 5

An Overview of The Four Gospels
5.1 - Why Are There Four Gospels?
5.2 - Overlap Among The Gospels
5.3 - A Brief Overview of The Four Gospels
5.4 - Comparison Chart of The Four Gospels- The differences between The Four Gospels

27 Sample Scenes - from FIVE COLUMN and The Synoptic Gospel  with audio 

Map of Israel and Jerusalem

Synoptic Gospel Scene Contents - The date and location of each Scene, along with the original Gospel Verses.

Gospel Verse Cross-Reference - A chart showing all of the parallel sets of verses from the Four Gospels

A Nine Part Series that examines the history of the Four Gospels of the New Testament.  (with audio)