Red Letter Student’s Bundle Deluxe – Complete Edition Hard Cover + DVD


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Complete Edition - Hard Cover 3.6 - 2022

ISBN: 978-1-988271-84-2  (Amz) 978-1-988271-48-4  (Ing)

246 pages Dimensions: 16.5 x 24.2 cm (6.5 x 9.25″)

This book is loaded with Features, including:
  • The complete Gospel Story in 360 Scenes of Action
  • All of the Words of Jesus Christ in red
  • 300+ References to Old Testament Scriptures + people & places
  • full set of Articles and Notes
  • nine colored Maps of Israel and Jerusalem
  • Appendix: Gospel Verse Cross-Reference (in red)
* Save 15% - Get the Red Letter Student's Bundle - Deluxe which includes the DVD Collection (Audiobook, ePub and PDF files).

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All the electronic files of The Synoptic Gospel: The Story of The Life of Jesus and also The Red Letter Gospel on one DVD!

A $59 Value ($USD)

* The Synoptic Gospel - ePub and PDFEdition * The Red Letter GospelePub and PDF Edition * The Synoptic Gospel - Audiobook  (6:55 minutes) * BONUS: Introductory Videos for The Synoptic Gospel and FIVE COLUMN +  all 9 videos from The Overview of The Gospel Series!

Packaging:  DVD jewel case (full size).

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Save 15% - get the  Red Letter Reader's Bundle which includes a copy of The Red Letter Gospel - Complete Edition Paperback.
Upgrade: FIVE COLUMN - DVD COLLECTION - includes all of the electronic files (ePub & PDF) for FIVE COLUMN, The Synoptic Gospel and The Red Letter Gospel + the Audiobook.
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Purchase The Red Letter Gospel – Complete Edition Hard Cover and The Red Letter Gospel – DVD Collection together and save 20%!

The DVD includes:  The Red Letter Gospel electronic files:  ePub and PDF along with the Audiobook (7 hours) + 8 bonus videos!


Upgrade to The Red Letter Gospel – Pastor’s Bundle, which features the FIVE COLUMN DVD Collection.


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