The Synoptic Gospel – ePub Edition

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ePub Edition 3.1   (December 2017)

ISBN: 978-0-9939140-8-9

Always have The Full Gospel Story of The Life of Jesus with you,
wherever you go!

This File includes:

  • The complete Gospel Story in 360 Scenes of Action, including dates and locations
  • Articles and abridged Notes
  • easy to navigate with menus and hyperlinks (internal + external)

File size: 1.85 mb

To purchase The Red Letter Gospel Edition of this file, with all the Words of Jesus Christ in red, click here.

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This light-weight ePub Edition lets carry the full text of The Synoptic Gospel with you on your smartphone or tablet, in church and everywhere you go!

The Synoptic Gospel: The Story of The Life of Jesus is the most complete, accurate, and easy to read, unified Gospel account that has ever been compiled, and this is the only book that you need to know the full story of the teaching life and healing ministry of Jesus Christ.

Synoptic means “seeing together as one” and this is the reprint of the fifth column of four Gospel harmony and merger FIVE COLUMN: The Synoptic Gospel, which aligns all of the verses and sets of parallel verses from the four Gospel accounts according to a consistent chronological timeline for the life and ministry of Jesus, which begins before His birth, and continues through His ministry until His Glorious ascension into Heaven.

With all of the events and verses harmonized, the aligned texts were merged on a word-for-word basis which removed the duplication using a merging process that involved sixteen steps. The result is a single, complete, narrative that retains all of the details from each of the four Gospel accounts while being 22% shorter to read.

With the entire story divided into chapters and acts, with 360 scenes of action, you can read one scene a day to know the full Gospel story of the life of Jesus in a year!

Understanding the sequence of the Gospel events is further enhanced with the dates and locations that are listed for each scene.

Included in this paperback edition are the Articles on why the FIVE COLUMN four Gospel harmony and The Synoptic Gospel merger were created, along with the Notes that detail the features of this book. The Gospel Verse Cross-Reference Appendix shows which verses from the four original Gospels are part of a parallel set with another Gospel, and where within The Synoptic Gospel, FIVE COLUMN and The Red Letter Gospel  those verses can be found.

As an aid to research, this book includes a comprehensive list of references and quotations from the Old Testament, and this ePub edition is easy to navigate with hyperlinks.

Look for the red letter version of this file, called The Red Letter Gospel, which features the words of Jesus Christ in red letters, making it easy to see every Gospel Word that He spoke!

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2 reviews for The Synoptic Gospel – ePub Edition

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    This is The Gospel Story of The Life of Jesus Christ, told as completely and simply as possible! Love it!

  2. admin (verified owner)

    An awesome Story, and an invaluable resource and study tool!

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