Commentary on Scene 022 – The Genealogy of The Son of God


Act 2 – The Genealogy of Jesus

Scene 2 – The Genealogy of The Son of God

Luke 3:23-38

This scene of The Synoptic Gospel is taken entirely from the Gospel of Luke, and it recounts the genealogy of Jesus as the Son of God, and lists the lineage of Jesus from Joseph, the husband of His mother Mary, all the way back through time to Adam, as the “son of God”.

It is not uncommon for the story of a great man to open with his ancestry – at least a mention about who his mother and father were, and other ancestors further back in time especially if they are of note or importance.

Luke’s genealogical record of Jesus is different from most Jewish ancestries in that it begins in the present with Jesus, and then goes backwards in time to end with the first man, “… Adam, the son of God”. Naming Jesus first, and then going backwards in time emphasizes Jesus. By contrast, if you recall, the genealogy of Matthew’s Gospel (Scene 021) began with Abraham, who is seen as the beginning of the Israelite lineage, and went forward in time to end with Jesus.

While Matthew’s genealogical record is mainly for the Jewish people, this record in Luke was written to prove that Jesus is the Son of God, which is of interest to all the people in the entire world. read more