The Essential Pastor’s Tool – FIVE COLUMN

FIVE COLUMN – The Synoptic Gospel is a valuable tool for every Pastor to use when composing a Sermon or lesson from the Gospels!

Now it is easy to see which Gospel verses are part of a parallel set – meaning that the same saying or story is told in two or more of the four Gospel accounts. While it does not always make a difference as to which version of a story is used from which Gospel, sometimes the differences between the accounts can be very important, and in these cases, it is useful to see what the different versions of the saying or event from each of the Gospels are.

FIVE COLUMN Scene 863Until now, a sermon or lesson would include verses from one Gospel, or another, and unless the person creating the sermon had the use of a Four Gospel Harmony – which aligns the parallel sections of the Gospels in four columns side-by-side – then neither they, nor their audience, would even be aware that the same story was mentioned, with differences, in one or more of the other Gospels. read more