New! The Red Letter Gospel!

The Red Letter Gospel coverA new version of The Synoptic Gospel PDF now features the Words that were spoken by Jesus Christ in red letters!  This red letter edition will be known as “The Red Letter Gospel“.

Now it is once again clear the Words that Jesus Himself spoke!  I say once again, because the very first version of the printed Synoptic Gospel was a red letter edition, way back in 2009.

The printed version of The Red Letter Gospel will follow, along with a red letter Kindle edition to be sold with the black-and-white version that is currently available on

Check out the new PDF Edition here.

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New updates to the FIVE COLUMN database include the following features:FIVE COLUMN - The Synoptic Gospel

  1. angled brackets < > now enclose every word that was added to the fifth column text for which there is no counterpart within the four columns of the Gospel harmony.
  2. an asterisk * indicates words in the four NASB (New American Standard Bible) columns that were compared with the Greek of the Nestle and the Westcott-Hort manuscripts as those words were being substituted into the fifth column.
  3. additional historical references to more people and locations (to help keep track of the Herods!)
  4. the new Flame cover!

Adding the angle brackets to the fifth column text is a change significant enough to warrant the inclusion of the current copyright date, and all versions of FIVE COLUMN – The Synoptic Gospel will be now be designated as:   © 2009, 2014, 2017  by Smart Publishing Ltd.

A coupon code to download a free copy of the PDF version of this new edition of FIVE COLUMN – The Synoptic Gospel has been sent to those who have purchased previous versions of the FIVE COLUMN PDF.

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All of the works that are based on the fifth column text of the FIVE COLUMN database will also be updated as Version 3.0 of The Synoptic Gospel – The Story of The Life of Jesus, including the printed book, PDF, ePub and Mobi editions.  Look for those here!


As always, if you have any comments about this work, or suggestions for corrections or improvements to future editions, please let us know on the Feedback Page.  All comments and feedback are greatly appreciated!  We hope that you enjoy the new FIVE COLUMN database, and the updated The Synoptic Gospel! read more

How is The Synoptic Gospel Better than Four Separate Gospels?

There are many ways that The Synoptic Gospel is better than reading the four separate Gospel accounts of the life and ministry of Jesus Christ.

The biggest advantage with having a merged harmony of the four Gospels of the New Testament is that when the texts are aligned, and the words are combined and merged on a word-for-word basis, all of the repetition of the stories, and the duplication of their words is removed.  Almost half (49%) of all of the 3,779 verses that make up the four Gospels are repeated or paralleled in one or more of the other Gospel accounts.  By consolidating the overlapping and repeated words, a text is produced that is fully 22% shorter, and this makes it not only faster to read, but the story is now much easier to understand.

A second advantage to having one consistent Gospel story created by combining the four Gospel texts is that removing the duplication and repetition also eliminates the confusion caused by reading the same thing more than once, or even over and over again, as when all four of the Gospel accounts are recalling the same event or saying.  There are several sayings and stories of Jesus that are found in three, and even all four of the Gospel accounts, and it is confusion to have to read the same thing more than once. read more

An Interview with Daniel John – Part 1

Why Did You Create The Synoptic Gospel?

When I first read the Bible in my mid-twenties I started with the Book of Genesis, in the Old Testament.  Reading all of the books in order, I eventually completed the Old Testament, and arrived in the New Testament at the Gospel of Matthew.  After reading that, I thought, “Wow! That was interesting!” And then there was another Gospel, of Mark. So I read that, and said, “That was almost the same, but different…” And then there was a third Gospel, and a fourth…  And in the end, although I had read all that Jesus Christ said and did in the four Gospels, I was unsure of certain details, and was confused about the overall sequence of all of the events that had happened.  It also seemed odd that some stories and sayings of Jesus were found in all four of the Gospels, while most were found in only one of the accounts.

While I liked that there were four different flavors produced from the unique personalities and styles of four different men, I was troubled by the overlap between their words, which produces confusion.  I mean, it seems illogical to not know exactly what the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ said, or did, or taught.  And to have to read four similar accounts of the exact same event seemed, well inefficient, if not stupid.  Why was there so much confusion about the very important words of the Gospel?  There had to be a better way. read more