Following are a few of the testimonials that have been received for The Synoptic Gospel, The Red Letter Gospel, FIVE COLUMN and also the Audiobook version of that text.
If you have a comment or testimony about this work, please send it to us through the Feedback Page.

"I really enjoyed this book!  It was easy to see what happened to Jesus, and the dates and maps were a bonus!  I now know much more about His life and it has made me want to know more about the background of the New Testament Gospels.  It’s funny that I never gave them much thought before. … everyone should read this book!

Mina L.
Coquitlam,  BC - Canada

"I really like this!  The text is clear, and in modern English.  Professionally done. There is no confusion about what was said, or when or where anything happened.  I wish that we had this in seminary.

Frank J.
Richmond, VA - USA

"Could not be simpler!  I appreciate the hard work of the author who put it all together!  Why has this unified Gospel not been made before?  It seems so simple!  Really good job!

Dawn T.
Everett, WA - USA

"I have read through The Synoptic Gospel three (3) times and have as my goal to read through it three (3) more times by the end of the year. I have nothing but praise for the work product you have completed... for the scholarship of the project, I thank you.

Dwight P.
Tulsa, OK - USA

"I received a copy of The Synoptic Gospel from (name withheld) and I see the usefulness of the book and have just purchased a second copy for my grandson, who has always found the Bible a bit confusing and difficult to read. I know that he will now be able to understand and more fully appreciate the difficult life and beautiful healing ministry of our Holy Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.
If I could make a suggestion - you could add more pictures to make it even more appealing to younger children.

Sarah H.
Vancouver, BC - Canada

"I have shown your book to the Pastor at my church and he said that he had not seen another work quite like the Synoptic Gospel.  He kept my copy for a week. Pastor (name withheld) said that he might consider using the Synoptic Gospel for a special Bible study focused on understanding the Gospels.  I am really impressed!  Everyone should know about the amazing events of the life of Jesus!  Everyone should read this book!

Kay F.
Fort Lauderdale, FL - USA

"I love this version of the 4 gospels harmonized into one single book. Nothing is missing--what an incredible testament and dedication of work you have done for the gospels. This is excellent for people to use for church plays and story telling for children too!

Sharon B.
Surrey, BC - Canada

"Your book is useful…  I like the picture of Jesus on the cover of the book.  Although He has no face I know that it is Jesus, but whether He has His arms raised in prayer, or He is in fact hanging on the cross, I do not know – either way, there is something comforting about it.  I think that it is right to show His face as featureless, although it would be nice to see His eyes and His smile. …

Kristi T.
Edmonton, AB - Canada


"I purchased the audiobook download and I want to say thank you for recording that and thank you for the good price. I have read and looked into several other printed merged gospels, but I wanted one I could listen to. I thought I was going to have to read and record one myself, but after some searching I found yours and one other account on audio. I did not choose the other audio version because after listening to a sample I thought the other author put too much voice emphasis in making Jesus sound mad or sad and I don't particular see Jesus as talking with a mad or sad tone very much. I like how you narrate the Bible because you didn't over emphasis Jesus tone of voice. Your tone is not too boring and it is not too overly dramatic. Anyways thank you for putting this together, I just wanted to give feedback 🙂

Gabriel F.
Broken Arrow, OK - USA

"... I like his voice just fine! ... I'm just eager as my bike commute is four hours a day so I could listen to The Synoptic Gospel over and over again which would be fantastic!! ... I thoroughly enjoyed the seven hours and I'm sure I'll listen to it several more times before I leave this earth.

Dusty A.
Tucson, AZ - USA


"For something based on such complexity, this is the best and most complete harmony of the four Gospels that I have ever seen!  The clarity and simplicity of this blows all other harmonies and mergers away!  We have a new harmony, and a new Gospel!  Amazing!

Tobias R.
Austin, TX - USA

"I'm glad I watched the video; it was enlightening as to how you constructed the combined narrative. Great job! I just HAD to purchase this, if for no other reason than to show my appreciation for your work. I bought an extra copy to give to my pastor as a gift.
I've only just started to explore the Five Column document, but I have a feeling I'm going to refer to this often.

Steve O.
Marietta, GA - USA


"I'm very much enjoying reading your consolidated Gospel electronic version book. I'm about halfway through and I just love what you did. This is something that I have been looking for, for quite some time, and on Christmas morning I found your website!
I plan to be buying some soft cover books to give away.  My question is; Are there any plans to print copies with Christ Jesus words in red?  This is a very important feature to me. And it is the one flaw that I believe is missing in this otherwise awesome publication. A good deal of time was had making this possible and I so much appreciate it.  Now if you could only publish Christ's Words in red  🙂

Mark H.
Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON

"This book is great!  I don’t know what else to say!  Everyone should read this thing!  I really appreciate the words of our Lord Jesus in red!  It’s like His precious blood is spilled out on the pages for all time!

Dr. Dale C.
Corvallis, OR - USA