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The fifth column merged harmony text of FIVE COLUMN: The Synoptic Gospel is reprinted as The Synoptic Gospel: The Story of The Life of Jesus,
and also as The Red Letter Gospel which is the exact same text, except with all of the words of Jesus Christ in red.

This Slideshow shows the fifth column text of FIVE COLUMN (on the right) and the reproduction of that text as the easy to read The Synoptic Gospel, and also, as in this case, The Red Letter Gospel , with all of the Words of Jesus Christ in red!

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The text of The Red Letter Gospel ...
... is reprinted from the four Gospel harmony FIVE COLUMN: The Synoptic Gospel

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The 378 page Verse-By-Verse Edition is shown here.

View Samples of the 554 page Word-For-Word Edition on the Sample Scenes Page.

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