How Many Words of Jesus Christ Are Red?

Now that The Red Letter Gospel has been completed, which is a red-lettered edition of The Synoptic Gospel, the question has been asked, “What percentage of the Gospel is just the words of Jesus Christ?” To begin, the full word count of the complete texts of the four Gospel accounts of Matthew, Mark, Luke and […]

The Essential Pastor’s Tool – FIVE COLUMN

The FIVE COLUMN Four Gospel Harmony with the fifth column unified Word-For-Word Merger The Synoptic Gospel is a valuable tool for every Pastor to use when composing a Sermon or lesson from the Gospels! Now it is easy to see which Gospel verses are part of a parallel set – meaning that the same saying or […]

The Gospels as Four Witnesses?

In discussing a single Gospel account that is unified from the texts of the four Gospels of the New Testament, I have many times heard some version of this statement, which is usually given as an objection to a having merged Gospel:  “It is important to have the four different Gospels, because they are like four […]

Why Merge The Gospels?

Listen to the audio: Your browser does not support this audio. Why merge the four Gospels?  It is important to preserve each of the four individual accounts of the life of Jesus Christ, because each contains unique sayings, events and stories that are not found within the others. Yes, that is true, and the world […]