Search for The Synoptic Gospel Has Been Blocked For Years

The Synoptic Gospel: The Story of The Life of Jesus, was compiled by Daniel John and first published in 2009 by Smart Publishing Ltd.  The text is reprinted from unified fifth column text of the four Gospel harmony and Merger, FIVE COLUMN: The Synoptic Gospel. The Synoptic Gospel is not shown to people when they […]

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For the first time ever, the printed FIVE COLUMN four Gospel Harmony and Merger is on Sale! Save 10% when you purchase a Paperback Edition of FIVE COLUMN, with all of these Features: The complete Gospel Story in 360 Scenes of Action 300+ References to Old Testament Scriptures + people & places nine Chapter Maps of Israel and Jerusalem […]

Church Pricing

To simplify purchasing and distribution of The Synoptic Gospel to Churches and groups who use it in their weekly religious service or Gospel Study Circle, new Church Bundles offer a 25% discount off the purchase price of 10 copies of any printed book. To buy 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 or 60 copies of the […]

Book Bundles – Save 15%!

New Book Bundles give you all of the electronic files of The Synoptic Gospel along with a printed copy of the book! Although a DVD is old technology, it is still a great way to store and transport large amounts of data – which is required for The Synoptic Gospel Audiobook (400 mb), along with the […]


Due to the size and weight of The Synoptic Gospel and The Red Letter Gospel printed paperbacks at 500 grams, or just over 1 lb., it was decided to create a smaller and lighter version of the text so that it would be less expensive to print and ship around the world. In March of […]

The Red Letter Gospel – Printed Edition!

Printed editions of The Red Letter Gospel are now available, with all of the Words of Jesus Christ in bright red letters!The paperback books feature the newest design of the “flame” cover, and are available here. Of course, as always, we welcome all comments, testimonials and feedback, for this amazing new Gospel!

New! The Red Letter Gospel!

A new version of The Synoptic Gospel PDF now features the Words that were spoken by Jesus Christ in red letters!  This red letter edition will be known as “The Red Letter Gospel“. Now it is once again clear the Words that Jesus Himself spoke!  I say once again, because the very first version of […]


New updates to the FIVE COLUMN database include the following features: angled brackets < > now enclose every word that was added to the fifth column text for which there is no counterpart within the four columns of the Gospel harmony. an asterisk * indicates words in the four NASB (New American Standard Bible) columns […]

New Youtube Channel!

Youtube is a great platform for new people to learn about FIVE COLUMN and The Synoptic Gospel! A new channel has been created to host the current videos on FIVE COLUMN and The Synoptic Gospel, and also The Overview of the Gospel series. Currently, the new channel exists at: When 100 people have subscribed to the […]