New! The Red Letter Gospel!

The cover of "The Red Letter Gospel" Complete Edition.A new version of The Synoptic Gospel PDF now features the Words that were spoken by Jesus Christ in red letters!  This red letter edition will be known as “The Red Letter Gospel“.

Now it is once again clear the Words that Jesus Himself spoke!  I say once again, because the very first version of the printed Synoptic Gospel was a red letter edition, way back in 2009.

The printed version of The Red Letter Gospel will follow, along with a red letter Kindle edition to be sold with the black-and-white version that is currently available on

Check out the new PDF Edition here.

This amazing PDF is just $7.95, but use this coupon code if you would like to save 30% off the purchase price:  redgospel30

As always, let us know what you think with your Comments and Testimonials, and Thank You, for your continued support of The Synoptic Gospel!

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