New! FIVE COLUMN: Verse-By-Verse Edition

A new version of the FIVE COLUMN Four Gospel Harmony and fifth column Word-For-Word Merger was created to show only the full Verses of the fifth column text, which makes it easier to see the parallel and overlapping sections of the Gospels in columns side-by-side.

This new 378 Page Verse-By-Verse Edition is a great tool to quickly see all of the parallel Verses from the Four Gospel texts, and it includes all of the features of the Word-For-Word Edition including:

The Verse-By-Verse Edition is designed as a quick reference to see all of the parallel sections of verses within the Harmony of the four Gospel accounts.
The original Word-For-Word Edition shows how every parallel and synoptic verse was split and aligned on a word-for-word basis across the Harmony of the Four Gospel columns to produce the unified fifth column text of The Synoptic Gospel and The Red Letter Gospel.

The Verse-By-Verse Edition is a great tool to see the parallel Gospels when studying the Life of Jesus Christ, or composing a sermon about the events.

Available as a PDF, and in Paperback and Hard Cover formats.

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