New Youtube Channel!

Youtube is a great platform for new people to learn about FIVE COLUMN and The Synoptic Gospel! Subscribe to the Youtube Channel!

A new channel has been created to host the current videos on FIVE COLUMN and The Synoptic Gospel, and also The Overview of the Gospel series.

Currently, the new channel exists at:

When 100 people have subscribed to the channel Youtube will create

Please visit the channel, and watch the videos!
* Please also “likethe videos 
* Subscribe to the channel
* Leave a Comment (hopefully positive!)

Of course, if you have already viewed these videos on this website, Thank You for watching them again, or you can simply hit “play” and let each video run to its conclusion…

New videos will be added regularly, with the next videos to be the remaining episodes of the nine part Overview of The Gospel series.

Thank You for your Support of this Gospel!  We hope that you “like” the videos!

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