The Synoptic Gospel is FREE!

That’s right!  In order to help spread the unified Gospel Story of Jesus Christ in this modern electronic age, The Synoptic Gospel - Standard Edition
The Synoptic Gospel can be downloaded to any device for FREE!

Two versions of the book are available, so you can choose the ePub version or the PDF edition, or both!

The ePub lets you quickly navigate through the entire Story of The Life of Jesus, and includes the date and location of each Scene.

The PDF is an amazing document that includes the color maps and also the Gospel Verse Cross Reference Appendix, which shows if any verse from any of the four Gospel is part of a parallel set with any of the other Gospels.

Both files include the Articles and an abridged versions of the Notes, along with clickable Tables of Contents and working external hyperlinks.

We are giving away one million downloads for free this year, so get your copy today!

To support our ministry of the seven years it has taken to complete this project, the ePub and PDF are available for sale for $5 and $7 USD.  The money will be used to pay for translations of The Synoptic Gospel into other languages, including Spanish, French, German, Russian, Korean and Chinese (2 dialects).

So that everyone can help support this ministry regardless of financial circumstance, the files are also offered for the nominal fee of just $1 each!

If you do not wish to pay $1, then you may pay nothing by simply entering the discount code  freegospel  when you check-out from our shopping cart.

Get your FREE copy of The Synoptic Gospel here >

Thank You, for your Support of The Synoptic GospelThe Story of The Life of Jesus!

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