In order to briefly explain how the FIVE COLUMN merged harmony of the Four GospWhat Is FIVE COLUMN?els was created, a new video has been added entitled, “What Is FIVE COLUMN?

The amazing graphics of the 12 minute video show how the verses of the original four Gospels were divided and arranged to produce a true word-for-word harmony for all of the sayings and events of the combined Gospel Story of The Life of Jesus Christ.

After watching the FIVE COLUMN video you will understand the advantages of reading a more complete and yet shorter Gospel story, that is told chronologically in 360 Scenes of Action, so that you can follow everything that happened.

A second important video called, “What Is The Synoptic Gospel?” has also been added to the Home page, which explains the features and benefits of reading the fifth column of the FIVE COLUMN database as The Synoptic GospelThe Story of The Life of Jesus.

Read FIVE COLUMN if you want to see how the words of the four Gospels were harmoniously combined, and read The Synoptic Gospel if you just want to read the complete Gospel Story, to know all that Jesus Christ said, and did, and taught.

Comment and let us know if you like the video!  The Synoptic Gospel and FIVE COLUMN – One Complete Gospel United from Four!

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