Sola Scriptura: Top 20 Spiritual Symbols – Hard Cover


Hard Cover Edition

 ISBN: 978-1-988271-87-3

454 pages
Dimensions: 23 x 17 x 2.5 cm (9.15 x 6.75 x 1″)


Features include:

  • The complete text of 20 important Spiritual Symbols from The Bible
  • All verses and texts are presented in Biblical order
  • Topical Keywords are displayed in bold font
  • Full set of Notes

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Understand the message of The Bible with this simple, Topically Expanded Concordance! As Sola Scriptura means by the Scriptures alone – the Biblical verses are presented here without comment. The text is from the NASB (New American Standard Bible) version of the Scriptures for modern, literal accuracy. The key to knowing what The Bible says about a spiritual topic is to read all of the Verses from the Bible that mention the subject.

By reading all of the Biblical references to a spiritual topic in  full context you will see everything that what The Bible itself says about the symbol.  All Verses are presented in order, from the beginning in The Book of Genesis in the Old Testament, to the end of Revelation in the New.

Each topical Chapter includes all of the symbolic Keywords that have the same spiritual meaning, such as Good News, Preach and Proclaim in the Chapter titled “Gospel”.


CHAPTERS – The Top 20 Spiritual Symbols

  1. Angel / Archangel + Sons of God
  2. Baptism / Baptist
  3. Believe* / Believer
  4. Christ + Messiah
  5. Church + Christian
  6. Commandments*
  7. Covenant
  8. Demon + Evil Spirit
  9. Devil + Satan +
  10. Faith
  11. Gospel + Good News + Preach
  12. Hell + Eternal Fire
  13. Holy Spirit / Spirit (of God / of the Lord)
  14. Kingdom* (of Heaven / of God / of the Lord)
  15. Pray / Prayer
  16. Resurrection / Raise the dead
  17. Salvation + Savior
  18. Son of God + God’s Son
  19. Son of Man
  20. Tithe + Tenth*

The Sola Scriptura Topical Bible – easy to read and easy to understand!


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